Bill Morgan:The Man Who Died For 14mins…

Bill Morgan:The Man Who Died For 14mins…

Bill Morgan was a truck driver living in Australia. In 1999 when Bill was hardly 37, his truck met with an accident which caused his death !! No, not death, but death. Bill was introduced to some medications which had some allergies on him, and stopped the functioning of his heart. And guess what, Bill was clinically dead for almost 14 whole minutes. Luckily, well you will hear the word more often now, he was brought back to life, or rather the Doctors knew their Job which gave Bill back his heartbeats.
The 14 minutes , which is actually a huge time or more than enough to damage the brain, which actually happened to Bill that after the Doctors got his heart to beat again, Bill went into a comatose state. It was recommended to give up on him and let him rest in peace (RIP) .

After 12 days of coma state, Bill returned to be the happy and energetic man, who did not show any clue that he was in coma for a while, or no apparent brain damage.
He then decided to live his second life, he gave up on his truck driver job and took up another interesting job . He also proposed to his long time Girlfriend Lisa Wells.

And to his surprise she said yes. He then thought for the first time in his life that he must be lucky , surviving from death , and getting the love of his life. So he decided to test his luck with a lottery ticket., which miraculously won him a car worth 17000 Australian dollars then (1999).

Melbourne news found this interesting and decided to catch up an interview with him . During the interview , just to raise the curiosity of the audience, they asked Bill to test his luck in front of the camera. Bill silently obliged and scratched the lottery ticket handed to him . He stopped scratching and looked amazed when the team asked him what, he said “I JUST WON A $250000” ! People were amazed at this. for some they even thought they were dreaming.

And for Lisa ,his fiancee, she just wishes that he has not used all his luck and has saved something for their future. which she later said in a media.

  • So what you think what luck is? Why it works for some and for some it won’t?
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