This blog is about Punarjanam, Rebirth or some call it as Reincarnation, there are some religions which tells about rebirth and how it works. There are also some religions which totally Denise the rebirth and they fully believe in a single life. Anyway, I am not here to justify the claim or which religion to follow intension is if the phenomenon is real then how to take advantage of it.because many of the inventions happened by studying the Nature/Environment and the scope is unlimited.

back to the topic..


Bill Morgan:The Man Who Died For 14mins…

Bill Morgan was a truck driver living in Australia. In 1999 when Bill was hardly 37, his truck met with an accident which caused his death !! No, not death, but death. Bill was introduced to some medications which had some allergies on him, and stopped the functioning of his heart. And guess what, Bill was clinically dead for almost 14 whole minutes. Luckily, well you will hear the word more often now, he was brought back to life, or rather the Doctors knew their Job which gave Bill back his heartbeats.
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