This blog is about Punarjanam, Rebirth or some call it as Reincarnation, there are some religions which tells about rebirth and how it works. There are also some religions which totally Denise the rebirth and they fully believe in a single life. Anyway, I am not here to justify the claim or which religion to follow etc.my intension is if the phenomenon is real then how to take advantage of it.because many of the inventions happened by studying the Nature/Environment and the scope is unlimited.

back to the topic..

If you check the Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 2, verse 13, it is written 

As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one.

In Simple: Person soul will never die, the way people change their clothes similarly the soul changes its body at the time of death.

I searched for some of the true stories which happen in this mysterious world related to this topic, there are many stories which I found, but the top 5 stories which are creating goosebumps are here.

Gus Taylor , was a toddler of 18 months when he started recalling his previous life ,when he said that he was his grandfather who is actually right now his fathers father !During a diaper changer Gus told his father that he used to change his diapers. Gus who had never seen his grandfather was able to identify his adulthood photos and the car he drove and also his college. Interesting enough to believe he indeed was his own grandfather !!

Shanti Devi , a 4 year old in India , from Delhi, shook the nation when she said that she wants to get reunited with her family from the Past. She said that her name was Lugdi Devi from Mathura . Her teacher found this interesting and sent a letter to the address ,which surprisingly brought her a reply from Shanti devi’s husband from past life, Kedar Nath. Kedar Nath then went to see Shanti Devi ,where she instantly recognised him. She reminded Kedar Nath of all the promises he made to her at death bed and failed to fullfill, the reason why she had to come back. Shanti Devi remained unmarried in the current life saying that she was married once. !

Rubi Kusma was born in Batapola Village in srilanka. Her father was S Silva . When Ruby started to speak, she narrated story about her past life. She was born a boy in last life , and died after drowning in a well. Which was investigated later and found that the claim was true . She also met all her family members from past life.

Rachel Grand from the US. She is 26 year old and a Cuban ,living in NewYork. In her past life she was a dancer and to everybody’s surprise she is currently a dancer who gives great performances without even taking any dancing lesson at all !


Now, look at the last story, a person who was a dancer in previous birth and in the present birth she is giving a great performance without learning this skill from anywhere, now imagine you start remembering your past birth silks/experience and you start using it in the present life.

Imagine Newton, Einstein etc took rebirth and they are using there past experience in the current life.

Imagine a child of age 5 with the experience of 60year old men/women, how productive he will be?

Because I personally believe what you are today and what you going to be in tomorrow is totally depends on your decision and decisions come from the experience you have the silks you have.

So we need to find out the ways to activate the past life experience and skills.

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